Our mission is to help you conserve capital, minimize risk, and fuel growth.

We offer a range of services specifically tailored to meet the real estate needs of early-stage and high-growth companies. Through careful and unbiased discipline, our team uncovers opportunities that will help you evaluate your next tenancy, site acquisition, or lease extension. From the initial consultation to final lease review, Landmark Real Estate Advisors will deliver prompt and accurate analysis to help your management team make effective real estate decisions.

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Initial Consultation

Landmark has developed a proprietary space evaluation program to help define the initial parameters for a given requirement – Our primary responsibility is to uncover and present every site alternative that may warrant consideration. At your request, we can expand on the existing and/or future employee commuting patterns with a radius diagram or go directly to a geographic site survey. 

Financial Analysis

After culling the raw data, the Landmark team will facilitate initial/secondary site tours and frame a prospective short list of alternatives. Next we’ll help to formulate a Request for Proposal, solicit proposals from the most desirable sites, and utilize our proprietary financial analysis tools to evaluate the proposals in a clear, consistent, net present value format. Ultimately, our analysis describes the initial investment with Landlord/Seller concessions and rent escalations to deliver a concise monthly real estate budget in both actual and effective terms.

Lease Review

Our team has extensive experience negotiating leases and understands the most critical point of negotiation can be during the transition from a Letter of Intent to Lease Review. We make a commitment to running through the finish line with our clients. The Landmark team will ensure that the promises/expectations described in the initial site meetings are reflected in the final documentation and upheld through the term of the lease. (We encourage you to review our Case Studies {{>}} to read examples of our due diligence.)

Project Management

The average time it takes an organization to initiate a site search and fully move into a new office generally ranges between 90 and 120 days. Additionally, overseeing a site move can require an organization’s point person to invest 30 hours per week, in addition to their daily responsibilities! Landmark can help. Our services include developing a timeline for the entire process, responsive accountability to your management team, and access to our turn-key, highly-qualified team of architects, legal advisors, contractors, and IT specialists – all that intimately understand the needs of early stage companies. Our partners are fast, accurate, and above all, cost effective. We encourage you to ask our former/current clients about our track record of success.

Additional Advisory Services

Real Estate Acquisition: Some of our clients have interest in owning property for their own use or investment; but may need assistance with financial analysis, identification of potential sites, debt structure, etc. The Landmark team has the capability to help with each of these areas, and ultimately to help our clients understand the costs and benefits of ownership versus leasing.

Disposition/Subleasing: Our team is adept at finding creative solutions for growth. We have significant subleasing and disposition experience in both buyer's and seller's markets. Because the opportunity for growth doesn’t always occur at the end of a lease term, we're experienced with helping clients manage existing lease liabilities through termination, sublease, or other disposition. 

Lease Abstracting: For our clients with multiple locations, it can be a cumbersome process to manage lease expirations, renewal/termination option notice dates, rate increases, and other critical lease information. To address this need we offer our clients access to our Property Works ( platform which is a web based product providing multiple reporting and alert features including a full service option for managing real estate and accounts payable.

Tax Incentives: In some cases, bringing head of household jobs to economic target areas can help your organization qualify for tax incentives. We can help maximize opportunities from the public sector such as Tax Increment Financing credits.

Real Estate Analysis for M & A: Some clients choose to grow opportunistically by merger or acquisition and thereby inherit leases and/or ownership interests in real estate. We have experience facilitating due diligence of real estate liabilities and/or assets to optimize the outcome of the merger/acquisition transactions.