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Landmark Real Estate Advisors approaches every task with passion, creativity and accountability. Our passion comes from our own start up model and thrives on the common ground we share with our clients. Our creativity comes from our team leaders who bring years of commercial real estate experience to each transaction and understand the importance of innovation. Our accountability and reputation are paramount.


Our creativity comes from experience. The average lease term is approximately 3 to 7 years in length which means that most companies may not experience a lease renewal, relocation or site acquisition with enough regularity to uncover hidden or subtle buyer's opportunities. Our principals have experience with hundreds of real estate transactions with millions of square feet of real property. We are trained to see value in real estate and take pride in our ability to assemble creative alternatives for our clients.


The Landmark team thrives on efficiency. As the commercial real estate world evolved toward competition for big business and an arms race to win large blocks of Landlord agencies, we chose to focus our efforts on emerging, growing companies and saving them money. Each survey, proposal and financial analysis is created by us specifically to meet our clients' needs and is delivered without delay. Our proprietary lease and acquisition analyses give us and our clients the competitive and quantitative advantage to make accurate decisions. We also leverage primary resources for information, work remotely, after traditional business hours, and promote our clients’ products/services whenever possible. Ultimately, our savings and hands-on approach enable our team leaders to stay on the front line and execute on your behalf. We encourage you to ask our clients what they say about our track-record of driving success.


Landmark Real Estate Advisors brings accountability to every transaction. We understand the need to effectively communicate not only to a single decision maker but potentially an entire team of executives and investors. Our process aims to proactively keep each team member informed during the entire site selection process. We urge you to scroll through our testimonial section for a sampling of our repeat clients.


We are passionate about our business and the high standard of service we provide. Our goal is to understand and internalize your passion. We recognize this as a vital ingredient to representing your best interest and maximizing your potential for organizational growth in the future.